Top Single Speed Bikes

If you are looking for a low-cost bike to ride in calm environments, then your search ends with single speed bikes. These bikes are extremely easy to use and are lighter in weight compared to the traditional ones. Although these bikes have no gears, no derailleur, and no freewheel mechanism, they are the perfect bikes for any amateur enthusiast. With the many options available on the market today, which model are you going to pick? Well, here are some of the top single speed bikes you may consider:

Single Speed Bikes

1. Critical Cycle Urban Road Bike

This bike is a product of talented individuals at Critical Cycles. It features a comfortable seat, the state of the art components, and it comes in different colors with fancy options packed into it. This bike also features a flip-flop hub that makes it easy for you to change from fixed to single gear. Its tires have been designed for urban environments, making it easy for you to ride through bumps. Not to forget, this bike is affordable, and this means you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets.

2. Takara Kabuto Bike

The Takara Kabuto Bike has a comfortable, curved, handlebar grip, and it features flashy yellow tires that easily attract your attention. It weighs only thirty pounds, making it easy to carry upstairs. This bike is most suitable for people who are approximately 6’ tall.

3. Vilano Edge Single Speed Bike

The Vilano Edge single speed bike features sturdy pedals as well as a forged alloy crankset. What’s more, its tires are sturdy and thick, and they are designed in a manner that allows them to handle any rough environment.

This bike has a built-in flip-flop hub that makes it easy to switch from fixed to single speed. The presence of platform pedals and strong brakes in this bike guarantees a safe and easy ride. Simply put, this bike has basically everything you need in a sturdy, simple, and long-lasting single speed bike.

4. Giordano Rapido Bike

This single speed bike guarantees you a pure ride once you hit the road. It is made with an aluminum frame, and it utilizes a light wheel set. It is true that some components of this bike are cheaper, but this does not have any effect on its performance.

If you are on tight budget, go for this bike. Its quality is good, and the best part? It has the potential to grow!

5. Fairdale Parser

If you need ease, comfort, and unshakable durability in a ride, then this model is worth the investment. While this bike is designed for a flat ride, it can conveniently handle a few valleys and peaks. It features an SRAM brake levers and chainset to give you a sense of control throughout your ride.

Single speed bikes recently made a strong comeback. Thanks to their low cost of maintenance, straightforward aesthetics, and ease of use. There are many models of these bikes today, and it is pretty easy for one to get confused. However, with the above top single speed bikes, getting a bike of your choice shouldn’t be a big issue.